The AION Logo

02 March 2022



Its official, AION now has a logo! Following a competition during the summer of 2021, the AION consortium presented ideas for the AION logo. The winning logo was designed by Jeremiah Mitchell from the University of Cambridge. Here is how he describes the concepts behind his design:


“The design is inspired by the two main components of the Atom Interferometer and Observatory Network (AION). The atoms inside the "O" are representatives of the cold atoms in the detector that are used in a differential mode to compare the quantum phase of the atoms. These atoms gain a quantum phase from the ripples, represented by the circular rings, of signals such as ultra-light dark matter, gravitational waves, or other yet unknown signals from the universe. Since AION plans to be a network of atom interferometers with other experiments the signals move out in all directions. The colours of the design are inspired by the fluorescence of strontium atoms that are used in AION. The logo encompasses the broad aims of AION."