AION Days in Oxford

02 March 2022


AION Days in Oxford

The AION collaboration held its first in-person meeting between the 8th and 10th of November at the University of Oxford. The packed agenda covered the status and plans of all our activities: the technology developments for ultra-cold atom interferometry; the engineering for the 10m AION-10 pathfinder and installation in the Beecroft building of the Oxford physics department; future long baseline atom interferometry; the MAGIS-100 experiment and network with AION; and the broad physics programme. We also heard the latest status and developments of MAGIS-100 from Jason Hogan (Stanford University) and welcomed members of our Quantum Technologies for Fundamental Physics programme Oversight Committee for their first meeting.

A big thank you to the Oxford AION group, St Catherines College and Prof. Ian Shipsey for hosting the meeting!


Info snippets: 

Overhead in Oxford “We now know how tall we all are!”. 

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